About Human Rights Alliance

National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice – Nepal (Human Rights Alliance), a Coalition of Nepali non- governmental human rights organisations dedicated to a cause of freedom, human rights, social justice, and peace in Nepal was established in 1996 in the initiation of some leading human rights NGOs in order for bring together like-minded human rights organisations to build nationwide human rights movement conducive for all to realize their basic rights. Since 1999, Human Rights Alliance was formally registered as an umbrella organisation for human rights and social justice.


 It envisages a world where people would assert and enjoy all human rights, and thereby experience peace and prosperity. Human Rights Alliance has well practised the inclusion of a wide variety of ethnic, caste, linguistic, religious and other marginalised communities in its organisational structure from the centre to the districts which follow democratic processes for selection of the committee members. This mechanism promotes more collaboration between excluded and others rather than creating just exclusionary groups. It has been envisaged that such a collaborative practice will create harmony among all the groups in the long run and bring policy changes on the issues of human rights. As per the constitution of the Organisation, Human Rights Alliance has conducted three periodic conventions and two national level council’s meetings so far. Read More…





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