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Human Rights monitoring:-

To protect and promote the human rights situation of the country, human rights monitoring is one of the prominent parts of Human Rights Alliance. The trained human rights defenders and district focal persons have been mobilized to monitor the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the people, especially the rights of marginalized and excluded communities. Human rights defenders   systematically document the human rights violations cases that were occurred by the state and non-state actors. With the close coordination of its member organizations human rights defenders collected the 54 human rights violation cases in the last year. They are frequently monitoring and documentation of past and ongoing cases of human rights violation from national to grassroots level. HR Alliance also monitored the Constituent Assembly elections in the 75 districts of the country by mobilizing its district focal person and human rights defenders.

Research and policy review

Human Rights Alliance has been carried out research on a various human rights issue; which is very helpful to find out the exact human rights situation of the country.  We conduct the research on domestication of International Human Rights an instrument in Nepal which is particularly focused on big six treaties that are ratified by Nepal.   We also do the policy review of state body through human rights perspective. Currently HR Alliance is conducting the policy review National Planning Commission (NPC) and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). The Policy review will be helpful to provide recommendations to concerned authorities including political parties for the amendment of state policies in more human rights friendly.

Capacity building of Human Rights Defenders:-

To strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders from marginalized and excluded groups for monitoring and defending civil, political and cultural rights of the people in the local level HR Alliance has been conducting different training and seminar for the human rights defenders.   They are invited to participate in national level human rights conference and interaction program to discuss and put their views with the concerned bodies.  Human Rights Alliance has been organizing such trainings and refresher training to its HRDs. The main aim of this training is to increase the knowledge and skills of human rights defenders to monitor and documentation of the human rights violation cases at their respective region.

Campaign of One VDC one Human Rights Defender:-

With a view of protection and promotion of human rights in the grassroots level, Human Rights Alliance is launching the “one VDC one Human Rights Defender” campaign which was promulgated by its 3rd convention’s first central committee meeting. The concept of one VDC one HRD plays the vital role to monitor and raise the existing human rights issue and challenges at local level and people will be aware about their rights.  Around 771 human rights defenders were trained by receiving HRD training in the last year. In the initial phase, HR Alliance has planned to conduct the human rights defender training to fulfill the mission of one VDC one HRD within the nine project district by 2012.

Capacity building of member organizations:-

Human Rights Alliance is being the largest network of human rights organization throughout the country has now more than 1500 member organizations. To enhance the capacity of its member organizations  Human Rights Alliance always gives main priority to its member organizations to participate in each and every program, seminar, conference, trainings and so on.  It has been organizing the different human rights training, strategic planning and organizational governance training to its member organizations.  Those member organizations which are working for marginalized and excluded community and we support them to develop strategy planning and organizational governance system at their organization which helps organizations suitability in the local level.  HR Alliance regularly provides the technical support for their institutional development.

National Human Rights Conferences

National Human Rights Conference (NHRC) is one of the major parts of the advocacy on human rights especially the tool to raise and discuss human rights issue of the rights holders including marginalized and excluded groups.   Human Rights Alliance has been launching the National Human Rights Conference since 2010.  The conference reviews of past NHR conferences where   above 100 local human rights defenders and its member organizations will take part in the conference and they will reflect the local human rights situation and put their views and interact with policy decision makers for ensuring their rights in the policy and strategy planning.

Peace and conflict transformation:-

Human Rights Alliance has been working with its member organizations and local civil society organizations across the country in order to create peace and harmonies relation within local community. HR Alliance is working closely and constructively with all parties to conflict in order to reduce tension and build trust amongst them. 
HR Alliance also provides the training on Conflict Transformation, a conflict resolution technique to our member organizations which contributes peace building and community mediation at local level.

Lobby and advocacy on human rights and Post Conflict Justice:-

Dealing with a legacy of human rights violations is one of the most difficult challenges facing Nepal in its transition from a feudal to democratic system. Since the end of the armed conflict, the Government of Nepal has publicly expressed its commitment to address the issue of post-conflict justice including enforced disappearances. Under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 12 November 2006, which ended the conflict between the Government of Nepal and Maoists, the parties undertook a decision to disclose the status of all detainees and to release all of them within 15 days; to release, within 60 days, details of people subjected to enforced disappearances or killed during the conflict, and to inform the family members. But despite of that government has never shown the sincerity on these issues.

Realizing the facts Human Rights Alliance is working on advocacy together with civil society organizations to crate pressure to government in order to prove the justice to conflict victim families form local level. HR Alliance is conducting the national dialogue on post conflict justice which helps to create the national debate on post conflict justice and dealing with past. We are bringing the issue of dealing with past to support for Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and discuss about possible process of the commission’s formation which can provide valuable guidance regarding a commission’s mandate and the key elements for necessary action which contributes to enhance victim’s rights, challenge to the impunity, credibility in the human rights movement and wide democratic legitimacy.

Election monitoring  and support

Human Rights Alliance monitors for free and fair elections and ensures a person’s democratic right to vote in a fearless atmosphere in Nepal. HR Alliance also supports training and guidelines to local human rights defender during the election period.

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