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Conference on Civic-Political Dialogue on Nepal's Prosperity

2 - 3 June, 2016 Kathmandu, Nepal

About the Conference

Constitution of Nepal 2072 is the fruition of many decade long democratic movements and tussles of people of different walk of life, contributing their fullest at various levels directly and indirectly with mutual passion and patriotism for the common goal. Political foundation that aspires to and promotes principles of social justice and progressive thoughts can only conduit to institutionalize such a massive political achievement. Compact coordination among political bodies dedicated to promote human rights and social justice for the prosperous Nepal, for intense discourses to establish policy for social just society and a reputed political structure, leadership roles and responsibilities of political bodies and the processes to continue colossal social justice movements for socio-economic transformation of the youngest republican country.

Similarly, the concerns and issues identified at various district level human rights and social justice movements are essential in the policy formulation process. Continuous political dialogues and strong coordination among the apex political parties is very vital to help in bringing these issues and concerns up at the fore front of policy level, and in the formulation of policies and their implementations.

Thus realizing the essence of the discourse between the political party and the Alliance to help the country accelerate towards social and economical prosperity, this conference is the one of such an attempt of series of discourses.


-          To develop a Conceptual Guiding Documents and disseminate to citizen's forums and concerned bodies

-          To build understanding on various components of prosperous Nepal establishing the learning as Policy Knowledge Document

-          To congregate alternatives for policy actions with possible planning (immediate, mid and long terms)

Discourse themes

  1. Prosperity and Development
    1. Definition
    2. Components  - Social, Economic, Politics and Culture
    3. Natural resources
    4. Finance
    5. Trade
    6. Green Economy
    7. Environmental rights
    8. Climate change and Climate Justice
    9. Livelihoods
    10. Health (Open defecation free zones, its values and issues concerning social-economy)
  1. Zeo-Politics and Implementation of Constitution
    1. Historic Events, Political Constraints and Concerns over Stability
    2. Caste – Regional movements/agitation and their challenges
    3. Nationalism, Unity and Sovereignty
    4.   Blockade and its socio-economic implications
    5. International Laws, Policies, Treaties and Cooperation
  1. Sustainable Development and Social Justice
    1. Sustainable Development Goals and Importance for Nepal
    2. Prosperity and Equal development
    3. Issues raised by Social and Political movements: Opportunities and Challenges
    4. Development issues on Political and Social Action Guidelines
    5. Social Justice as Target, Democracy as process and human Rights as Guiding Principle