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Press Statement

Press Statement 

29 April 2015

National Human Rights and Social Justice Nepal (Human Rights Alliance) expresses deep
condolence over the loss of lives and properties due to the devastating earthquake occurred on 25
April 2015. Human Rights Alliance extends its wishes over the souls of the diseased ones rest in
peace and speedy recovery of the wounded ones. In this respect, all the affiliated human rights
organisations, human rights activists and human rights defenders are kindly urged to be involved in
the coordination and cooperation with the government and non-government organisations in fast
treatment of the wounded and injured in the incident.
According to the report made available by the branch offices of the Human Rights Alliance, Central
Committee members, and human rights defenders, so far above 5,000 people have lost their lives due
to this devastating Quake. Thousands of the them have been displaced. More than 60 thousands
houses have been destroyed. Total 31 districts have been directly affected as an update made so far.
Out of them, districts like Sindhupalchowk, Kathmandu, Nuwakot, Dhading, Rasuwa, Gorkha,
Bhaktapur and Lalitpur have been badly affected.
According to the human rights activists and human rights defenders from the respective VDCs and
districts of the severely affected ones, the relief distribution works have not been as effective as it had
to be. Mostly the people from remote ones from the respective district headquarters have been losing
their lives due to the severe crisis of the treatment. An earnest request is made to the government to
prioritize for deploying the health workers to these places.
The survivors in almost all districts are compelled to live in open sky without tent, plastic and safe
drinking water as well as foods which may take more lives. Therefore, the government is requested
to coordinate for distributing the relief packages to the community level with the locally established
The data, facts and figures related to the damage caused by the Quake are being collected, compiled
and disseminated by the efforts of the Human rights Alliance. In this context, we urge all the human
rights activists to fully involve in the relief, treatment and rehabilitation of the survivors with cautious
and sincere efforts, prioritizing the needs of the women, children and the senior citizens.

Min Bahadur Shahi                                                       Dr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada
President                                                                          General Secretary

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