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Human Rights Magna Meet Concludes

Photo by :- Bimal Chandra Sharma , INSEC

Kathmandu, December 11 ,  The 4th National Human Rights Magna Meet 2012 has been concluded on December 11 advocating for upholding human rights values and ending the growing impunity in the country with the issuance of 10-point declaration.

 To bring together all human rights activists to pile pressure on political parties for the end the political deadlock and rise the voice against impunity, Magna meet is organized every year on the occasion of International Human Rights Day on Dec. 10.

 Impunity and post conflict justice was the top agendas of the declaration. Minority, Marginalized communities, women’s rights, protection of the rights of the HRDs, economic, social and cultural rights and press freedom are raised strongly by the declaration.

 After six years, the transitional justice mechanisms promised in the peace accords have still not been established, and the current governments have withdrawn serious   serious conflict-related crime. Perpetrators of serious crimes and violations on both sides have not been held accountable; in some cases they have been promoted.

  Addressing the meet, NHRC chairperson Kedarnath Upadhyaya complained that NHRC’s letters to the PM, suggestions to the political parties had been ignored. “We had consistently requested that the Government justify its rationale for all of those withdrawals of criminal cases but the government did not listen to us”, he added.

 Speaking at the Magna meet, Ganesh BK of Human Rights Alliance said that human rights would not be protected until the tendency of being revolutionaries while on the streets, status quoits in the parliament and regressive while in the government is not changed.

 Likewise, INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that advocacy should begin now to ensure incorporation of fundamental duties. He said, “Dissolved CA had selected 10 fundamental duties in the constitution adding those should be regarded to private and family, social and collective and professional and business duties”.

 Human Rights Magna meet, hosted by 84 organizations including Human Rights Alliance.