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National Human Rights Conference - 16-17 December 2012


  After successfully completing the 5 Regional Human Rights Conferences in the 5 development regions of the country.  Human Rights Alliance is going to organize a comprehensive National Human Rights Conference on 16-17 of December 2012 in Kathmandu. The objective of this conference is to initiate a dialogue between national and international stakeholders with regards to the current political deadlock, and to deal with the emerging issues of human rights to include post-conflict justice. The conference will also bring the burning human rights issues form local level which were raised during the recent regional conferences.                                     

 The conference will help to pursue international commitments made by the state; it will also contribute to enforce human rights and to help bring about justice for victims of the 10 year conflict. Furthermore it will address the issue of establishing an independent truth commission aimed at bringing to justice the perpetrators of human rights abuses (who are currently free due to a lack of judicial independence). A recent move which highlights this issue is the government's sudden introduction of the TRC bill which bypassed the standard legislative procedure. Human rights activists and the families of conflict victims denounced the move, arguing that the bill was prepared without consulting civil society groups, political parties, or victims.

To discuss all these issue a two day event will take place in Kathmandu in which defenders of human rights along with marginalized and excluded groups will put forth their views and interact with policy makers. There will also be a review of the past two conferences to gauge what impact they have had. The event will give status to the country's human rights situation; a total of 200 human rights defenders will get the opportunity to participate from across the country.

Programme modality

In the opening session, major political parties, civil society leaders, local human rights activists (from 75 districts), national and international human rights organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, UN agencies, women, Dalit, Janajati, family members of conflict victims, and other minorities will be invited to discuss and express concern for the current human rights situation.

In the second session the conference will be initiated by some lead presentations representing critical views from diverse stakeholders on human rights and social justice; an open discussion will follow.

 If you need any information regarding the National Human Rights Conference, please feel free to contact Mr. Yadab Bastola , Executive Director of Human Rights Alliance ( Cell -9848054579)