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National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice–Nepal (Human Rights Alliance) organized Civic-Political Dialogue on Constitution of Nepal and Implementation of Civic-Rights in Nepal on 11 December 2019 in Kathmandu. The was organized on the occasion of marking the 71st International Human Rights Day and 11th National Human Rights Magna Meet-2076 in Nepal. This is one of the aligned events organized under 11th Magna Meet-2076 focusing in civic rights; specifically, right to association and freedom of expression of the civic society. Participants from government bodies, CSOs, networks, human rights sector, and media were present in the program. Chief Guest Hon. Parbat Gurung, Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens acknowledged constructive support received from civil society in the areas of political and socio-economic transformations in the country. Since Organization/Association Registration Act 2076 is in drafting process led by Ministry of Home Affairs, he made commitment that government will regularly consult with civil societies so that their issues and demands will be addressed.

In the program, guest of the program Hon. Min Bahadur Shahi, Member of National Planning Commission shared that government is always committed to ensure freedom of association and right to expression as per the spirit of constitution as reflected in the current 15th Periodic Plan. Upcoming National Human Rights Action Plan will address relevant expectations of the civil society; however, country process and country ownership have to be fulfilled as per the constitutional provisions. Government’s role will be facilitation to mobilize the civil society. Koshal Chandra Subedi, Joint Secretary, the Prime Minister Office shared possible provisions of upcoming National Human Rights Action Plan regarding protecting civil rights of the citizens. Bed Prasad Bhattarai, Secretary, National Human Rights Commission informed that necessary recommendations have been provided to the government, its bodies, and stakeholders to ensure civil rights.

In the program, guests Gauri Pradhan, Human Rights Activist; Ram Prasad Subedi, General Secretary, NGO Federation Nepal; and Dr. Renu Adhikari, Human Rights Activist also asserted that civil society has been facing hurdles in the name of supervision or mobilization that includes registration, working area, types of work and so on. They asserted that government has to be established conducive working environment of civil society as it plays supporting role to the government. In the program, participants also presented their views and concerns about the civil rights status in Nepal as some of the issues that include ineffective proportionate system in the decisions making position, hurdles faced by civil society and so on. The program was chaired by Sameer Nepal, Senior Vice-President of Human Rights Alliance and moderated by Bidur Subedi, Human Rights Alliance

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