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Seventh National Council Meeting of Human Rights Alliance

February 15, 2018, Nepalgunj

National Alliance for Human Rights and Social Justice–Nepal (Human Rights Alliance) completed its Seventh National Council Meeting in Nepalgung on February 15, 2018. The meeting was collaboratively hosted by Province 5 and 6 committees. In the meeting, Central Committee Members and Secretariat Committee Members, Advisory Committee Members and other representatives from all seven provinces and district chapters were present. Additionally, National Conference of Human Rights Defenders was also organized on the occasion.

The meeting was chaired by Min Bahadur Shahi, Chairperson of Human Rights Alliance. The chief guest of the Council was Bijay Subba PhD. in-charge of Human Rights Alliance. In the program, members from Central Committee, members from district chapters, members of advisory committee and some observers were present.

In the meeting, proposed Bylaw amendment was endorsed. Along with this, presented Provincial Executive Committee Procedure 2074 also was in discussion.

Furthermore, plan of action was presented by each province representative concerning with immediate activities to be carried out for organizational and programmatic improvement of the Alliance at provincial and district levels.

The meeting passed all previous decisions that were decided by the secretariat meetings conducted after sixth Council Meeting. Annual Report prepared by Dr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada, General Secretary of Human Rights Alliance was passed by the meeting. Similarly, financial report was presented by Mr. Bidur Subedi, Vice-Chairperson of Human Rights Alliance, on behalf of Treasurer of the organization was also passed in the Council.

The Council meeting facilitated with congratulation note to Dr. Sarbha Raj Khada, former General Secretary and founder member of Human Rights Alliance and current Advisor for being elected as coordinator of FIAN International. The meeting acknowledged the elected person who were in central, province and district committee of Human Rights Alliance.

The meeting also expressed condolence and sympathy to the demised ones and families who have been directly or indirectly associated with the Alliance and discussing about the current issues concerned with human rights and social justice in the country.

Seventh National Council Meeting of Human Rights Alliance

February 15, 2018, Nepalgunj

National Summit of Human Rights Defenders declared Nepalgunj Declaration concerning with Human Rights Defenders that will be contributing for human rights and social justice in the country. The chief guest Dr. Bijay Subba member of parliament of Nepal, remembered the past contribution of the alliance on human rights and social justice activities that have been initiated by the organization. He also shared future way of Human Rights Alliance for being more active and effective in human rights issues around the country through its district chapters.

Advisors of Human Rights Alliance Dr. SarvaRaj Khadka, Mrs Shanti Adhikari, Dr. Netra Timsina, Mrs. Sharmila Karki and Mr. Krishna Subedi wished the success.


National Conference on Food Right

February 15, 2018, Nepalgunj

Prior to the meeting, National Conference on Food Right was organized by FIAN Nepal with the support of Human Rights Alliance, RRN, Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO), Khadhya Adhikar Sanjal. In the conference, hundreds of participants from the country were participants. Experts presented presentations on the issue emphasizing food right as basic right that has to be ensured by the government and organizations working in this area. It was organized aiming to pressurize to the concerned stakeholders for being proactive regarding assurance to the rights. After the presentation discussion session conducted along with addressing the queries asked from the floor. 

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