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Membership of the Alliance

For membership, the Constitution of Alliance allows only those organizations, which are straightly, or ultimately associated to the objective and goal of human rights and social justice. At present there are more then fifteen hundred  organizations covering 75 districts of the country. This broader network of organizations have a capacity to undertake an effective program of building a human rights culture on the grass rout level covering the big territory of the country.

Name of the organization:
Contact Person Name:
Postal Address:
Date of Establishment:
Total Membership: Male Female
Total Staffs: Male Female
Attach the documents:
Goals and objectives of organization
Scope of the organization
What are your expectations from Human Rights Alliance?
Is your organization published annual progress report? Please illustrate if published.
S. No. Name Address Contact No. Designation Qualification Age Sex Skills
Human Test: 10+6=
Submit Rs. 500/- in your district alliance.